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Top 10 Tips for Job Interviews

1. First impressions

The obvious one – first impressions count! You have no idea how true this is. You need to smile and make sure you have a firm handshake without breaking anyone's bones. Eye contact is vital so keep your gaze just a few seconds longer than usual, without looking like a lunatic.

2. Preparation

Get one of your friends or family to ask you some interview questions (you can find plenty on line). Practice your answers to the common ones.

3. Your reasons for Wanting the job

Why do you want to work at the company? Do some research into the company and be prepared with a good answer here.

4. Dress Professionally

Before you have said anything to the interviewer, you have already made an impression by how you are dressed. Many companies have relaxed work dress policies, but this is irrelevant when going for an interview. Dress in a manner that is professionally appropriate to the position that you are applying for. All job interview clothes should be clean, tidy and ironed.

5. Be Enthusiastic

Employers want to hire someone who is keen to do the job. Be enthusiastic about the role and company.

6. Arrive on Time

Whatever happens don’t be late! Arrive 10 minutes before – and if you’re too early then take a walk around the block. Just don’t leave it until 5 minutes before the interview is due to start, because the interview room might be some distance away from the reception area you have reported to. You don’t want to hurried up 3 flights of stairs and arrive out of breath and stressed.

7. Do Your Research

Employers naturally look out for people who have done their homework and put in the extra effort to really understand the company they are applying to. Doing your research shows your commitment to understanding the companies aims, objectives and the challenges they face. You can then tailor your experience and expertise to show how you would add value to the requirements of the company. A well-informed applicant will always stand out in a competitive market so be sure to utilise the wealth of information available to you. Check their company websites, social media, industry and competitors.

8. Try and Get a Good Nights Sleep Before

Get enough sleep the night before or you'll feel rotten come interview time.

9. Think About Your Answers in Advance

Think about your answers in advance. These days and interviewer may ask a tricky question. Look online and typical interview questions and rehearse your answers to them.

10. Be Polite and Thank the Interviewer for their Time

Manners cost nothing and help to make a great impression.

Good Luck!

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