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Last Updated July 2019

Cookie Notice

JobSwipe uses cookies and has prepared this notice to inform you of the types of cookies we use, why we use them, how we use them and action that you can take if you wish to avoid the placement of cookies in connection with your usage of our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files of letters and numbers that a provider of online services can place on a user’s device (such as a computer, smartphone or tablet) when the user visits the website. Cookies are stored in a file on the user’s device and in some circumstances may capture personal data which can enable identification of the user. Some cookies, known as “session” cookies are only stored temporarily whereas other cookies, known as “persistent” cookies, are placed on the user’s hard drive.

Cookies do not run programs or install software but are uniquely assigned to your device and can be accessed by the domain that issued them.

What kinds of cookies do you use?

ApplyGateway uses the following types of cookies:

How do you use cookies?

We use cookies for the following reasons:

On what basis do you use cookies?

With the exception of cookies that are strictly necessary for the effective operation of the website, we will only place cookies where we have your consent to do so. [You are prompted to consent to the use of cookies when first accessing our website and you can select which cookies to allow and which cookies to disable]. You can [also] disable cookies through your web browser, and we recommend that if you wish to do this that you contact the relevant provider of the browser that you are using.

If you do not consent to the use of cookies then you can still use the website, however some of the features and functionality may be negatively affected, meaning that the quality of your user experience is reduced.

Are third party cookies used?

Third parties, such as web traffic analysis service providers and advertising networks, will also use cookies. We have no control over this, however you can deactivate third party cookies through modifying the permissions through your web browser.